Not all Past Life Regression Training is equal. I found what I know is the Best Past Life Regression Training to get you started. Here are some of the key factors when choosing a PLR Training Program.

  • 1 The Pre-Talk - Most past life regressionists have a short conversion with their client and then quickly move into the regression. The key is to build rapport with the client. The Pre-Talk is also the key to uncovering the REAL reason for your client coming. They may need to forgive someone from their past that they may have forgotten about. The Pre-Talk is most often the most over looked part of a Past Life Regression.


  • 2 Learning how to handle experiences that may make you uncomfortable is a session. This is rare but it is important to know how to handle these situations should they arise. Even though you maybe uncomfortable in a session because of the context of a session you need to trust that the client is seeing just what they need to move beyond their issues.


  • 3 Connecting with the Subconscious or what most QHHT Practitioners prefer to call the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the part that is showing the client just what they need to see to remove their blocks and release what is holding them back. The Higher Self is the part of each person that has all the answers. Most Past Life Regressionists are not aware of the existence of the Higher Self.

I personally did the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Training online through Dolores Cannons Academy. I found it to be very extensive and informative course sharing information I did not find in other courses. Leaving me to feeling comfortable to work with my friends and family as a way to get some practice under my belt. Once you assist a friend or family member to connect with their own Higher Self you will be hooked like I was. I do highly recommend completing your Level 1 requirements and then attending a Level 2 course in person to advance your training further but not necessary.

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I will always be there to assist you if you need it. Please feel free to give me a call 403-874-1109 James R. Kirouac QHHT Practitioner