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Past Life Regression has been around in modern times for a little over 40 years with someDolores Cannon and James Kirouac QHHT Calgary AB mention of it being use in ancient times. Most hypnosis practices treat habits. With some clients not able to find relief with a habitual hypnotherapy treatments.

They then quit often turn to Past Life Regression with good results. Many times a when client knows why they have an ailment or physical disability, that is enough for healing to take place.

Now with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy-QHHT, this is a technique that encompasses the best of the Habitual and Past Life Regression forms of hypnosis. QHHT can go further then the above mentioned systems of hypnosis. I have studied both techniques and found that they were not consistent in the results, to that of QHHT. I always have been convinced the we were able to heal ourselves. The minute I was turned onto QHHT I know I found what I was searching for and you have too.

Let me tell you about QHHT. QHHT is unique in that practitioners access a power that can heal, answer life long questions and release pain, fear and anger.

QHHT has 3 main components:

1. Past Life Regression - in the PLR the client is shown a past life, so that the Subconscious/Higher-Self can teach clients why things are as they are in THIS LIFE. Leading into the second component and for me the MOST IMPORTANT the Subconscious/Higher-Self.

2. Subconscious/Higher-Self is secret ingredient in the QHHT technique. The Subconscious/Higher-Self has many names, Over-Soul, Super-Conscious, The Universal Mind, and even the big one "GOD" it's self. No matter what you choose to call it, it has all the answers.

3. Healing - for the client this is the best part. The healing can be instant, but there is no guarantee because you have "Free Will".

I am so proud to be offering Past Life Regression via the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy technique in Calgary and area.

Consultations are always free!

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