Past Life Regression Pros and Cons

Past Life Regression Benefits Pros and Cons

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“Dr. Brian Weiss was giving a Past Life Regression Workshop at his daughters work. She thought that she would sit in on the workshop. What happen next was nothing short of miracle.” …

Past Life Regression Benefits

Pros and Cons

The main benefit of experiencing a Past Life Regression is that a miracle may take place.

The positive benefits for Past Life Regression-PLR are many. There are no guarantees, but here are some of the miraculous results of some of the problems and health issues that have been reportedly cured. They range from migraines being explained and their root causes removed, neck and shoulder pain, finding the cause of depression and being able to release it, terminally diagnosed illnesses such as cancers of all varieties, aids, and many more.

Sometimes we carry symptoms over from a past life, and we may never know why. There’s power in knowing why we have a certain condition or issue. Quite often there is a message in an ailment and when we know the message in why we have a problem or block we are able to release it. Often my clients have tried many different modalities with little or no lasting change in their condition. Together we are able to solve their problems in a single session.

The only draw back I have found with using PLR is that the client needs to be allowing and trust in the process. The only thing keeping anyone from healing is themselves. Truth be told, I believe that’s the only con or negative draw back with using PLR. No matter what modality someone chooses the only way we can have lasting healing is to be open to it. We have the

“Free Will” to accept or reject what we are shown.

Here’s a look at one reason some clients do not want to be healed. They could have something to gain by continuing to have their problem or issue. Some may in fact have something to lose from being healed.

For example if a client is receiving financial assistance, they may be afraid of losing their main source of income. This can prevent them from being open to the healing. So, imagine if a person was given 6 months or more assistance after being healed. Well wouldn’t this lessen the burden of needing to go back into the work force? Allowing them time to become financially independent again.

past life regression pros and consPerhaps even more important than the curing of specific physical and emotional symptoms is the knowledge that we do not die when our bodies do. We are immortal. ~ Dr. Brian Weiss

The Main Benefits of a Past Life Regression is that Miracles can take place.

Past Life Regression is quit often used as a last resort. Now with it becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream, PLR is now moving into the forefront of the healing modalities. With the late Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, and many others leading to way with their unique techniques. Past Life Regression is here to lead us back into ourselves where true healing can take place.

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