Past Life Regression becoming Mainstream Medicine?

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"Dr. Oz. stated, "The idea of tapping into past lives as a form of therapy is starting to capture the attention of many Doctors and Scientists. Begging the question is there real science behind Spirit."" ...

Past Life Regression becoming Mainstream Medicine

Begging the question is there real science behind Spirit.

Dr. Oz Past Life Regression Calgary ABPast Life Regression is starting to make waves in both medical and scientific fields alike. Dr. Oz recently explored the legitimacy to the claims that a Past Life Regression session can result in healing. With the world now more open to the idea that we are a soul having a human experience, more and more people are turning to Past Life Regression as an alternative to mainstream medical care. Many turn to it as a last resort. Having been to psychologist, specialists, nutritionist, and even spiritual healers. People turn to Past Life Regression Therapy because they feel that there is a block that they can't determine by conventional means. Therapists use past life regression to help patients understand more about their current conditions. Dr. Oz showcases Past Life Regression Therapy on a recent episode of Dr. Oz.

How Past Life Regression Can Be Healing & The Doctor Oz Show

The Doctor Oz Show

Could your Past life hold the key to healing you in this life?

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Past Life Regressions can help you in this Life.

Past Life Regression sessions can be emotional and packed full of unexplainable detail. Leaving the participant overwhelmed and confused. It's believed that when we have the knowledge of why we have a particular issue we are able to heal ourselves. The technique that James uses adds something that most Past Life Regression techniques do not have. With the technique James uses, he has the ability to connect and communicate with the Higher Self. Communicating with the Higher Self allows the therapist to ask questions on behalf of the participant. Consequently being able to receive answers from where all answers come, Source!

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