How I used Law of Attraction to Manifest a FREE trip to Maui

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How I used Law of Attraction to Manifest a FREE trip to Maui

In 2016 I was in a Personal Development course that talked about Maui and nearby Kahoʻolawe Island. These discussions had me thinking about the wonders of Maui and the surrounding islands and how they are all connected.  

I was driving along one day in the fall of 2016, and had the thought that, “I think I want to go to Maui!”
In a flash I was imagining what I believed Maui to look like. I saw the water and the side of an island and the island was shaped like a triangle with only a slight angle meeting the water. I remember the vegetation seemed dry and almost desert like.

At the time, I really didn’t put too much into the thought.

That evening when I arrived home, my wife informed me that one of the local radio stations was giving away 12 trips to Maui, starting the next day. I remember fist pumping and saying, “We are so going to Maui!”

I thought about it more over the next few weeks, and even tried to call in and qualify for the trip myself. It was my wife that was able to get through on the phone lines to win us the trip.

She says, “Because I won the trip I manifested it!” Well if it makes her feel better, well then yes Dear you manifested it. I think we co-created it.

My first use of Law of Attraction goes back when I was only in Grade 4. I wanted a dirt bike, of course!

My mom taught me to visualize riding the dirt bike I wanted. She pointed out that the most important thing was to think about how much fun it was going to be.

I had brochure of a Kawasaki KX80 with disc brakes and liquid cooled.

I would lay down beside my bed while I was visualizing because I was not supposed to fall asleep, I needed to see myself riding that bike and how much fun I was going to have on it.

Well, I received my first motorcycle the following year, with a few differences from the bike I had envisioned.  This bike was more of a trail bike and I was not going to be able to jump it like I had planned. That didn’t stop me from trying to jump it, but it was way too heavy and would crash to the dirt with a thud.

I remember my uncle had approached me and asked if I would like to start a firewood business. I was 12 or 13 I think, not sure exactly. I remember going out to get firewood, splitting the wood, and piling it at my customer’s houses for $80 a cord. Lucky for me, my uncle and grandpa had built a homemade wood splitter, this thing could cut through wet popular about 18 inches in diameter. (Insert Tim the Tool Man Taylor Laugh)

One of my other uncles who know more about motorcycles brought me to look at a few different bikes and test drive them.

One day my uncle showed up with one of the bikes we had tested, the one he got was the exact same make and model I was using in the brochure to visualize. It wasn’t the year of the one in the brochure, no disk brakes and not liquid cooled.


This was my first manifestation! Okay my first conscious manifestation.

I can manifest and so can you! Below are some easy to follow steps to get you started.   


3 Simple Steps to Use Law of Attraction


Step 1 Be clear and declare your Desire

Know what you what! You need to get clear as to what you want to experience. The Universe can only ship to you, that which you want when you are fixed in your desire. If you are wishy washy the Universe gets confused and sends you what it thinks you ordered. Or it may not send you anything at all!

Figure out exactly what you Desire and be clear about it!

Step 2 Simply Ask

Ask for what you what to experience! Expect it! You might even say that you are “Declaring” what you want.

Note: There is a debate as to whether Desire or Belief is more important. I believe that if you have a strong enough desire you will soon believe that you can achieve your desire.

I believe that once you can see yourself as already achieving your desire, you will then believe and the manifestation will follow!

Step 3 Allowing

Allowing is the most difficult part for most, yet really it is the easiest step because now your work is done and you have nothing further to do.

Now you simply forget about your desire and live life to the fullest being as happy as possible in this moment.


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