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Calgary Garbage Man Became Past Life Regressionist

Making My Message Greater Than My Fear

Fear is a driving force in our lives that keeps us from achieving our dreams and our goals. The video above is the first talk that I ever gave. The audience was small and off camera was an amazing young lady,  whose reactions to what I was sharing encouraged me to continue. My fear was intense and yet. I still pushed through my first talk. I am sharing this video so you may push through your fears and share your message with the world too. If you are like me and are looking to leave the world better than you […]

How I used Law of Attraction to Manifest a FREE trip to Maui

How I used Law of Attraction to Manifest a FREE trip to Maui In 2016 I was in a Personal Development course that talked about Maui and nearby Kahoʻolawe Island. These discussions had me thinking about the wonders of Maui and the surrounding islands and how they are all connected.   I was driving along one day in the fall of 2016, and had the thought that, “I think I want to go to Maui!” In a flash I was imagining what I believed Maui to look like. I saw the water and the side of an island and the […]

Past Life Regression becoming Mainstream Medicine?

“Dr. Oz. stated, “The idea of tapping into past lives as a form of therapy is starting to capture the attention of many Doctors and Scientists. Begging the question is there real science behind Spirit.”” … Past Life Regression becoming Mainstream Medicine Begging the question is there real science behind Spirit. Past Life Regression is starting to make waves in both medical and scientific fields alike. Dr. Oz recently explored the legitimacy to the claims that a Past Life Regression session can result in healing. With the world now more open to the idea that we are a soul having a human […]
Past Life Regression Pros and Cons

Past Life Regression Benefits Pros and Cons

“Dr. Brian Weiss was giving a Past Life Regression Workshop at his daughters work. She thought that she would sit in on the workshop. What happen next was nothing short of miracle.” … Past Life Regression Benefits Pros and Cons The main benefit of experiencing a Past Life Regression is that a miracle may take place. The positive benefits for Past Life Regression-PLR are many. There are no guarantees, but here are some of the miraculous results of some of the problems and health issues that have been reportedly cured. They range from migraines being explained and their root causes removed, neck and shoulder pain, […]

Past Life Regression Calgary AB

Past Life Regression has been around in modern times for a little over 40 years with some mention of it being use in ancient times. Most hypnosis practices treat habits. With some clients not able to find relief with a habitual hypnotherapy treatments. They then quit often turn to Past Life Regression with good results. Many times a when client knows why they have an ailment or physical disability, that is enough for healing to take place. Now with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy-QHHT, this is a technique that encompasses the best of the Habitual and Past Life Regression forms of hypnosis. QHHT can go […]